Saturday, 18 August 2012

Basotho Hat

A few months ago I went up Sani Pass to Lesotho and bought a hat in Lesotho.

A few weeks ago I was asked to lend my Basotho hat to someone who wanted to use it in their school play. I was very worried that they wouldn't give it back. At first I didn't want to lend it to them, but Mum and Dad spoke to me and said it would be ok and that it would be looked after and given back to me. I didn't believe them.

The hat was given back to me and I have learned to believe Mum and Dad and not to worry and that they looked after my hat.


  1. That is a seriously cool hat! Yay, Mum and Dad!

  2. Hi Kyle, I haven't been receiving your update notifications so didn't realise you had new posts! Nice hat! Good for you believing Mum and Dad, they are knowledgable people and very worth trusting, glad you have realised this now.

    Loving your blog and your discoveries!